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TFN is a free-to-air satellite channel that broadcasts from Toronto, Canada to over 50 million viewers across the Middle East and Europe. It is part of YLG Media, a media company that creates and distributes content through traditional and digital channels. YLG Media started operating in 2020 following the expansion of immigration and business services of the YLG Professional Law group and other companies under the same umbrella.
TFN (Toronto Farsi Network) is a privately owned TV channel that operates as a commercial television network, offering entertainment to its viewers.
TFN is a Canadian broadcasting network that aims to showcase the Canadian lifestyle to the Persian community. It broadcasts a variety of in-house and commissioned TV shows, as well as licensed content from international distributors, covering genres such as action, drama, comedy, and news. TFN’s goal is to become the primary source for Persian audiences to stay informed about the latest Canadian entertainment and news.


YLG Professional Corp., a law firm in Toronto, has formed a joint venture with several companies, including YLG Media, Tiarch, UStartup, YLG Angel Investor, YLG Foundation, and TFN – Toronto Farsi Network. The partnership provides clients with a range of services, such as legal, branding and design, architecture, startup support, investment, philanthropy, and satellite TV for Farsi speakers. Tiarch offers tailored design solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and educational projects. UStartup provides innovative programs for startups, while YLG Angel Investor invests in early-stage companies. YLG Foundation supports local communities and charities, and TFN – Toronto Farsi Network is a satellite TV station for Farsi speakers worldwide.


Satellite TV – Recievable In the middle east countries

Yahsat satellite: Frequency 10762 | Vertical | 27500

Eutelsat satellite: Frequency 11304 | Horizontal | 29700

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TFN TV’s primary target audience is Persian- speaking viewers who reside in the Middle East, Europe, Canada and USA. They broadcast a wide range of programs that cater to different age groups and interests, with a strong emphasis on entertainment and news. Their content includes popular TV shows, movies, Series and documentaries, as well as news coverage of current events from Canada and around the world.

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